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happy couple seniorsIn the constant struggle against wrinkles and the effects of ageing, we often forget that one of the most defining features of our face is our smile. Yellowish and stained teeth, missing, chipped or crooked teeth can all add more years to our faces than we realize. Dental treatment can have the effect of a facelift, a fuller jaw and an elongated face – you can take years off your face just by changing the overall appearance of your teeth.

Dental solutions usually aim to help patients achieve better function such as a better bite and speech, but in doing so it often results in aesthetic benefits. For example, patients with missing teeth often look older because the cheeks collapse without the support of teeth, resulting in a sunken jaw. Replacing these teeth using dental implants and crowns will fill out the cheeks, giving an overall effect of a facelift and a fuller jaw line.

Other patients have chipped, broken or worn out teeth due to accidents or prolonged use of the teeth. Such teeth are more susceptible to plaque and decay because they are weaker and harder to clean. Broken teeth also prevent one from biting well and can seriously dent one’s self esteem. Esthetic solutions such as porcelain veneers, crowns and composite bonding can all restore a smile back to its original condition (or even better). They can also change the colour of the teeth, making them a suitable option for patients with broken and yellowed teeth.

You should be looking your best when you smile. Many people are embarrassed by their smiles because the teeth are yellow and stained. It not only creates a poor first impression, but also makes one look much older than he or she actually is. There are simple solutions available to fix this in a short time. Teeth whitening can be done in only an hour, instantly improving your overall appearance.

An illusion of the highly coveted oval face can be created by lengthening teeth. This can be easily done through crown lengthening combined with veneers or crowns. In the case of patients with gummy smiles, a simple procedure can easily remove excess gum tissue to show more teeth. Adding length to your teeth can effectively give the impression of a longer, sharper face.

Crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth also makes a person look older than his or her chronological age. It is also harder to brush and floss crooked teeth, making it easy for bacteria and plaque to accumulate, potentially leading to further dental problems. There are different options to straighten your teeth such as metal braces, self-ligating braces and ceramic braces. You can also straighten them without  anyone knowing using Invisalign, clear removable aligners. It can also be possible to give the illusion of straight teeth through porcelain veneers, however this option is only possible if it is advised by a specialist.

As people are adopting healthier lifestyles and enjoying a longer active life, why settle for a smile that is less than ideal when great teeth can make a significant difference in better nutrition, clearer speech and a younger-looking you?

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