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Wine wears down teeth quicker than previously thought

According to an article published in the latest edition of the Australian Dental Journal, demineralisation occurs as early as 10 minutes after the tooth enamel has…

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Factors that Contribute to Teeth Whitening – And Managing Expectations

It is probably a universal consensus that people with whiter teeth are more visually appealing. Teeth whitening treatment is an effective method to increase one’s confidence…

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Channel NewsAsia & Specialist Dental Group Seminar – Bite into Better Dental Health

August is Oral Health Month in Singapore. As part of our mission of raising awareness about dental issues and promoting dental health, Specialist Dental Group® is…

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An Afternoon Well Spent !!

Over 500 people attended the recent dental seminar, Take a Bite with a Perfect Smile, organized by Channel NewsAsia and Specialist Dental Group  at the Suntec…

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What are those White/Yellow/Brown Patches on My Teeth?

Pearly white teeth are a major contributor to an attractive smile. However, there are people who have white patches or spots on their teeth, which are…

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Dental Seminar – All you want to know about your teeth

If you have any burning questions about your teeth or gums and/or would like to find out more about solutions to a certain dental condition you…

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A Wedding to Remember

A healthy skin, silky soft hair and a beautiful wedding gown would be worthless if there is no smile on the bride’s face! Your teeth are…

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Five Practical Tips to Improve your Teeth Whitening Experience

  If you are considering having your teeth bleached or whitened, make sure you read our previous blog post on the 5 Factors to consider before…

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