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Introducing to you – Specialist Dental Group & Friends – a team of marathoners and avid runners who has come together to participate in Relay for Life (100km Team Challenge) on 2 March.

Relay for Life is a fundraising event in support of Singapore Cancer Society, where donations contributed will help cancer patients, caregivers and beneficiaries. As the fight against cancer is a long and arduous battle, the 100km team challenge signifies the continued support and encouragement along those who are battling cancer. As a team, Specialist Dental Group & Friends must complete 100km (250 rounds of the 400m track).

The team includes four doctors from Specialist Dental Group – Dr Ansgar Cheng (ACC), Dr Neo Tee Khin (NTK), Dr Tan Kian Meng (TKM) and Dr Ben Wang, as well as, national marathoners Dr Ashley Liew (AL) and Evan Chee (EC). Their running friends/loved ones who have also joined the team to run for this meaningful cause are Dr Jasmine Cheong, Dr Tan Shao Yong, Erich, Jing Song and Yvonne.

Relay for Life - Specialist Dental Group
Top (L-R): Dr Ashley Liew, Dr Jasmine Cheong, Dr Tan Shao Yong, Dr Neo Tee Khin
Bottom (L-R): Dr Ansgar Cheng, Evan Chee, Dr Tan Kian Meng, Ng Jing Song

Among these 11 team members, four of them had family members who battled cancer. We sat down with a few of them to find out more about their thoughts on cancer and why they are participating in this event.

Q: Do you have any message to send to cancer survivors or patients with cancer?

AL: Take a proactive approach to health wherever you are at (whether you have or do not have cancer currently). With regards to lifestyle, nutrition, anything can really play a part so it is better to go from that approach rather than waiting for something to happen.

NTK: Stay strong and fight! We didn’t give up and my dad survived stomach cancer for the last 10 years…

Q: Is there any message you would like to send to the general public?

ACC: In general, staying active is one of the best strategy to fight most diseases.

NTK: Eat healthy and brush your teeth.

ACC: There are scientific research to show that oral bacteria is associated with certain cancers such as oral, stomach and gastrointestinal cancer. Live life to the fullest at the moment but plan for long term.

Q: How did this group form?

TKM: Out of love for running 😉

ACC: True, and work. Work and friends, that’s why we are called Specialist Dental Group & Friends.

Q: Why are you participating for Relay for Life?

ACC: Firstly, for fun! Secondly, we try to do our best and win.

EC: It is a different kind of running event as compared to what we have been participating in regularly, so there is a different element of fun in it.

AL: It is also a nice way to give back to the community. We have been blessed with abundant health and this is a small way we can support the cancer patients and their caregivers.


If you would like to participate in this meaningful event, sign up for Relay for Life here: https://scsrelayforlife.sg/registration/

If you would like to support the team, come down to National Stadium, Singapore Sports Hub on 2 March (Saturday). The relay flag off time is at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you 😉

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