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Last year, we ran an article titled, Fact or Fiction? The Whole Tooth to help you understand commonly misconstrued beliefs about oral health. We will share with you another interesting fact this week.

Myth: Bad breath is caused by not brushing your teeth regularly.

Fact:   Not entirely true. Bad breath or halitosis is caused by a number of factors. Have you ever walked up to someone and as soon as s/he starts talking, and you wished you could hand him/her breath mints without seeming rude? Regardless of the social, professional or personal relationship, oral health is crucial in building positive connections.

Food digested and absorbed into the bloodstream will eventually be carried into your lungs and be given off in your breath. Garlic and onions are common culprits. Until the food is expelled from your system, it will affect your breath.

In situations where such food is avoided, bad breath may still be present. Certain oral health conditions such as gingivitis (a form of gum disease) may cause halitosis or bad breath. The main symptoms of periodontal or gum disease are a foul, odorous breath, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. This condition requires immediate care by a periodontist (gum specialist)

Xerostomia more commonly known as dry mouth syndrome, may cause bad breath, too. This condition may occur if the salivary glands are not producing enough saliva. Bacteria are then able to cultivate in the mouth and produce a smelly odor.

Some people experience bad breath as a result of a health condition or a medication they are taking. Bad breath can also be a result of a respiratory infection, diabetes, or kidney or liver issues.

If the above-mentioned reasons are not the cause of the foul breath, tobacco might be the reason. Tobacco can cause mouth irritation, gum disease, oral cancer, stained teeth and a loss in taste sensation.

A dentist or specialist can suggest and prescribe an oral care regiment or provide certain treatments to address a bad breath issue. Certain types of mouthwashes and ensuring that one brushes and flosses regularly can also help, as can brushing the tongue as part of one’s daily routine.

If you have a bad breath problem, and would like to make an appointment to see our specialist(s), you can make an online appointment booking on the Specialist Dental Group website or call (65) 6733 7883. Our dental team would be happy to assist you to smile confidently again.

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