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Dr Steven Soo shares on whether dental xrays are safe on Gold 905FM
This radio interview of Dr Steven Soo, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, first aired on Gold 90.5FM (Homestretch with Jamie Yeo). We have reproduced it for those of you who missed it when it was aired.

Q: How safe are dental x-rays?

A: It is true that one should limit the number of x-rays that are taken in a lifetime. However, to reassure patients, we can put into context the amount of radiation generated by dental x-rays by comparing with naturally occurring background radiation.

For example, one large or two small dental x-rays are equivalent to one day of background radiation. A four-hour flight also exposes you to the equivalent of one day of background radiation.

In clinic, we help to limit exposure to radiation by the routine use of a lead apron.

So, to answer your question – the number of dental x-ray typically taken in a lifetime is a relatively, low cumulative dose of radiation. If you have any concerns about radiation from dental x-rays, we will be happy to discuss these with you.

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