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2013-11-28-11-54-27_decoThis article first appeared in the November 2013 issue of Dental Tribune. We have reproduced it for the information of those of you who missed it when it was published.

I recently had the honour to attend the 6th ANZ Invisalign forum at the Intercontinental Hotels and resort in Natadola, Fiji, as a speaker. In the short history of its unique forum, it is the first time that it was organised as an "orthodontists only" event. With 180 participants it had a fantastic turnout.

The theme this year was "a forum designed exclusively for orthodontists to push the boundaries of your unique skill-set." The keynote speaker of this year's conference was Dr Willy Dayan, who flew all the way from Toronto in Canada with his lovely wife Ellen, who herself is a restorative dentist. Dayan presented three comprehensive lectures that tried to look at Invisalign from different perspectives. For example, his presentation on "think like plastic, feel like a tooth" shed light on how orthodontists can convert their 'fixed braces' mindset and biomechanics over to the clear aligner system.

The scientific programme was strongly supported by seven local speakers: six specialist orthodontists (who are top Invisalign users in Australia) and an associate professor of oral hygiene. They gave presentations on how to start up and build an Invisalign practice, evidence-based Invisalign treatment, as well as the latest innovations of the Invisalign System and how to achieve excellent clinical results with. Oral hygiene and orthodontics was also discussed. My presentation was on how to confidently prescribe extraction treatment plans, as well as how to diagnose and treat Class III cases with Invisalign.

The scientific programme was set in an easy going pace with three half-day lectures. With everyone attending the conference staying at the same conference location, there was no excuse on skipping any lectures. The attendance was overwhelming and the overall feedback was excellent. Social events are the very heart of any Invisalign forum. This time the organisers threw an immaculately beach dinner party at the Intercontinental's Kama Beachfront.

The overall vibe of this conference, being an orthodontist only event, had everyone in their "learning comfort zone". Ideas and clinical tips were shared all around, even during breaks, and the atmosphere was just great. I cannot wait for the next conference to be announced.

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