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What you need to know about Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction or Surgery Recovery

Our previous blog post covered what you need to know before a wisdom tooth removal process. We answered commonly asked questions such as why wisdom teeth…

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A Comprehensive Guide On Wisdom Teeth Pain and Problems

Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth (third molars) to erupt into the mouth, and this usually takes place between the ages of 17 and 25…

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Early Detection of Oral Cancer Increases Probability of Survival

In the United States, only 57% of newly diagnosed individuals of oral cancer would be alive after five years. The statistic does not seem to be…

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Understanding and Treating Bruxism

More commonly known as excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, bruxism is the medical term for this condition. It can take place when you are awake…

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What are the anaesthetic options available if I get very anxious during dental treatments?

Higher levels of dental anxiety and fear of pain are found to be associated with a lower likelihood of receiving dental treatment and greater delay in…

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Thank You for Attending “Oral Health & You: Specialists’ Perspectives”

Oral Health & You: Specialists’ Perspectives, a nationwide seminar on managing common dental problems through expertise and modern dentistry, successfully completed on 19 August 2017 (Saturday)….

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Video: Get Answers to Oral Cancer (Dr Ho Kok Sen)

  According to data from World Cancer Research Fund International, lip, oral and pharyngeal cancers grouped together are the eighth most common cancer seen around the…

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Three Tips to Help You Smile Freely

Remember the last time you broke into a smile when someone smiled at you? There are studies^ to support that smiling is indeed infectious. When we…

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