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What are the Causes of Tooth Loss and Pain?

Do you know that the biting force of human males can be as much as 120 kg for our first molars? Or that we bite stronger…

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5 Tips for Effective Tooth Brushing

For most of us, it is not difficult to maintain good oral health – other than visiting the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning, you…

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Answered: Questions on Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling involves the swishing of a tablespoon of oil around your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes, three to four times…

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Pregnancy Gingivitis | Swollen Gums During Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, there are many changes going on in a women’s body and our teeth and gums may be one of them. Do you find that…

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Trying to Conceive? Prevent Gum Disease!

Studies conducted have shown that there are links between gum disease and infertility. It is found that women who had periodontitis (severe gum disease) require a…

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Video: Why Does Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss? (Dr Daylene Leong)

  Do you know that 85% of the population has gum disease? Gum disease is also the most common reason for tooth loss. It is a…

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Video: Gum Health Check (Dr Helena Lee)

In this video, Dr Helena Lee, Dental Specialist in Periodontics, shares the importance of having healthy gums as research has shown gum disease to be related…

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Diabetes and Oral Health (Part II)

The role of a dental specialist is more than just looking into your mouth and routine cleaning.  The mouth is a window to the body –…

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