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“A Healthy Smile & You: Specialists’ Perspectives”, a public dental seminar on achieving good oral and overall health through modern dentistry and expertise, successfully concluded on 17 August 2019 (Saturday).

Organised by Specialist Dental Group (SDG) and CNA, this seminar is the sixth edition of SDG’s flagship biennial dental seminar. It is our tenth year organising a nationwide talk like this as we strongly believe in engaging the public through educational sharing sessions so that they can make informed decision. We are thankful that many participants have found the seminar to be informative and interesting.

Our dental specialists shared on a spectrum of topics, related to the dental specialties of endodontics (root canal treatment), prosthodontics (teeth replacement & cosmetic dentistry), oral & maxillofacial surgery (reconstructive surgery) and periodontics (gum).

Natural Teeth: To Save or to Extract?

Kicking off the seminar was Dr Irene Sim, Dental Specialist in Endodontics, who shared about the treatment options for one’s natural teeth when it is damaged. As a root canal specialist, to save or to extract is one of the most common question she receives from her patients. Through her talk, participants got to learn more about the causes for damaged teeth, how to read a dental x-ray and the treatment options available.

Dentures: Removable or Fixed?

This is followed by Dr Tan Kian Meng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, who focused on a common teeth replacement method – dentures. Through the talk, the audience discovered various types of dentures: including removable dentures, fixed (implant-supported) dentures and special dentures (obturator). They also learned about the benefits and risk of each option, as well as when treatment is required.

Oral Surgery 101: What Do You Need to Know?

Subsequently, Dr Ho Kok Sen, Dental Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, touched on various cases of oral surgery, as well as topics related to oral surgery including dental sterilization and amount of radiation faced when taking dental x-rays.

Can Gum Disease Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

After the break, the participants gathered to hear from Dr Ansgar Cheng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, as he shared on the link between gum disease and alzheimer’s disease, as well as how oral health is connected to one’s overall health.

Before the end of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity of meeting our dental specialists personally where they could ask targeted questions related to the various dental specialties. Many questions were answered and we trust that participants have a better understanding of their dental concerns.  

We would like to thank all the participants for taking their precious time off to join us at this time of sharing, as well as to all our sponsors for making the event possible.

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