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Immediate Placement of Dental Implants

Generally, if there is no infection on the extracted tooth and the surrounding bone is healthy, there are no issues with having a dental implant surgery as soon as the tooth is extracted.

Benefits of immediate placement of dental implant:

  • You’ll only need to go through a dental surgery once – there is no need to schedule another dental surgery for the placement of dental implant after the extraction.
  • You’ll save resources – the lesser the number of surgery required, the lesser it would cost.
  • You’ll save time – after an immediate placement of dental implant is done, a temporary crown (if required) is fixed on the same appointment and the final crown can be placed in 3 months. Watch the video below to see how much time you save if you do immediate placement instead of the conventional treatment (as seen in video below).
  • You need not worry about walking around with a missing tooth in your smile – as mentioned in the point above, if it is your front tooth that requires an extraction and placing of the implant immediately, a temporary crown can be fixed and you can have a complete smile once again.
  • You’re preserving your bone and gums – immediate placement of dental implant would preserve the width and height of the alveolar bone, allowing the integration of the dental implant and the bone (Osseointegration) to be more favorable. As the bone is preserved, this would prevent gum recession as well.

However, if you have a major infection and/or there is severe bone loss in the area (due to advanced gum disease), then it may not be possible for you to proceed with immediate placement of dental implant.

The important thing to note is that this approach is considered highly technique sensitive and requires an expert dental implant team. Therefore, do consult your Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon or Periodontist for a thorough consultation and examination to determine your suitability.


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