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Why Dental Examinations are Important

For good oral health, we always encourage the basic rule of 2-2-2, which is brushing your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes each and visiting a dentist for a dental examination two times a year.

So why is visiting a dentist for a dental examination so important? Here are three reasons:

1) Detecting warning signs

During the dental examination, it is the perfect opportunity to pick up any warning signs that might indicate the presence of deeper oral issues. The following would be checked:
• Gums – signs of gum disease
• Teeth – loose teeth or evidence of tooth decay
• Mouth tissues, tongue – any abnormalities
• Previous restoration work like crowns and fillings
• Bite and contact between teeth

If it has been more than a year since a dental x-ray has been taken, a new one would be taken to ensure any changes in the bones or teeth that cannot be seen by the bare eye is also detected.

2) Professional cleaning

Some say it is like a “spa treatment” for the teeth – well, yes as professional cleaning (also known as scaling and polishing) does an important role in improving your oral health.

During scaling, an ultrasonic scaler is used to gently remove any plaque and tartar (hardened plaque which cannot be removed by toothbrushing).

After which, polishing is done to remove any extrinsic stains to make it smooth and shiny. This is when you will be able to see the original shade of your teeth. During polishing, a soft rubber cap is used to spin a toothpaste-like material around your teeth.

3) Personalised dental tips

There is a limit to how much information you can get by reading dental tips online or watching videos. When you are in the treatment room with a dental specialist/dentist – that is the golden opportunity to ask any questions you might have with regards to your oral health.

Not sure how to floss or which type of toothbrush to use? This is when you can receive professional advice that is based on your dental condition.

Therefore, remember to include a visit to the dentist in your overall oral hygiene routine.


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