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According to data from World Cancer Research Fund International, lip, oral and pharyngeal cancers grouped together are the eighth most common cancer seen around the world. The high death rate (more than 50%) associated with oral cancer is due to the cancer being discovered when it is in the advanced stages.

What are the signs and symptoms of oral cancer? How can one ensure that oral cancer is discovered in a timely manner? In this video, Dr Ho Kok Sen, Dental Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, answers these questions.

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For a start, discuss with your dentist about incorporating oral cancer screening into your six monthly dental check-ups. Early discovery is pertinent for timely treatment, and along with it, it would save you much cost, discomfort and psychological trauma.

At Specialist Dental Group, our team of dental specialists works closely with medical doctors to manage the conditions of patients with oral cancer. As a team, we provide our expertise in a caring, assuring and timely manner.

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