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Our teeth are designed to help us chew, speak and smile. When we have teeth that are missing, the ability to carry out these activities are undoubtedly affected. In this video, Dr Steven Soo, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, shares more on why missing teeth should be replaced.

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A few reasons for one to not procrastinate when it comes to replacing missing teeth include:

  • Prevent affecting other teeth – there is an increased tendency for neighbouring teeth to shift and try to close the gap.
  • Prevent bone loss – the bone that was supporting the tooth no longer has a purpose, hence it would tend to shrink and resulting in bone loss.
  • Ensure healthy and balanced diet – It would be tougher to chew on hard foods, especially if the missing tooth is a molar (teeth at the back of the mouth).

The good news is that there are various ways to replace one’s missing teeth. Share your preferences with a dentist so that they can advise the best replacement option for your needs.

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