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Completing a marathon (42.195km and 21km) is not an easy task. Like many endurance sports, it requires a lot of time, effort and discipline during the preparation period. This is why Specialist Dental Group is super proud of our doctors and nurses who have finished running their respective distances at the recent Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore.

Full Marathon

After having to miss the chance to participate in last year’s half marathon due to an unforeseen incident, Dr Ansgar Cheng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics is back with a bang! In his maiden attempt at running a full marathon, Dr Cheng finished the run in 3h 35mins.

Dr Ansgar Cheng at Standard Charted Marathon Singapore 2015

Despite suffering from a series of muscle cramps (thighs, calves, hamstrings, shins, feet and butt) before the 32km mark, he continued to press on to finish the race. Although this is considered a very good timing for many of us, his personal target is to complete the marathon in 3 hours – a realistic target that was derived from results of various assessments/metrics.


“How often do we guarantee a Personal Best (PB) in life?” Dr Ansgar Cheng


As Dr Cheng so aptly puts it, a personal best may not be guaranteed but hard work, determination and perseverance would surely increase the probability of one achieving it. Dr Cheng is not ready to let this minor setback stop him. He is prepared to give his best once again for his next marathon (Standard Chartered Marathon Hong Kong) that is taking place in January 2016.

Half Marathon & 10KM

Dr Neo Tee Khin, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, and three of our nurses – Liza, Izanne and Rochelle participated in the half marathon.

The course which started from Harbourfront to Sentosa Island, and back to Padang via West Coast Highway and Ayer Rajah Expressway had many slopes. Moreover, the race flagged off at 6.30am and it was a matter of time before the runners were baked in the sun.

It was undoubtedly a challenging run. Nonetheless, all our runners persisted and finished the race.

Dental Clinic at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Dr Neo completed his first half marathon in 2h 18mins. He even had time to stop and take photo with a very adorable penguin, when the route took them through Universal Studio Singapore.

Specialist Dental Group at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Rochelle achieved a personal best and made a vast improvement from her previous half marathon timing by 22 minutes! As an avid runner, she encourages her daughter to run too. Here is a photo of them completing the Standard Chartered Marathon Kids Dash, which took place one day before the actual race.

Specialist Dental Group at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

According to Liza, the fastest female runner in Specialist Dental Group, this was a difficult run. She joked “If you continue to run, you feel like you are about to die. But if you do not run, you would be burnt by the sun.” Although she did not break her personal record of 2h 28mins this time, you can be sure she would be trying her best again at her next run.

Dental Clinic at Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

Izanne completed the 21km race too. Similar to Liza and Rochelle, it is her second time participating in half marathons. Although this was not her best timing, she is glad to have finished the race despite the difficult conditions.

Specialist Dental Group at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Rachel (middle) completed the 10km race and we look forward to her joining in half marathons soon. 😉

As a colleague to these amazing runners, we are really proud of them completing their respective races. Their hard work, determination and perseverance continue to be an inspiration to many of us. Great job #TeamSDG!

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