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17382376_sGrowing up, our mothers always warned us of the bad foods that are harmful for our teeth such as chocolates, sweets and soda drinks. Yet, these are the snacks that we crave for.

Many doctors often emphasize that prevention is better than cure. Dentists will say the same and advise on following a basic regime of brushing, flossing and rinsing, alongside visits to a dentist every six months for good oral health. This may seem commonplace and need no reminder, but a survey commissioned by Oral-B found that 18% of Singaporeans brush their teeth only once a day!

Aside from the important three-step oral regimen, eating right also boosts your overall oral health. The foods we consumed can leave an impact on our teeth.  You should choose:

  • Milk instead of Sodas

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A glass of milk a day keeps tooth decay away.”

A glass of milk daily helps to strengthen your teeth, whereas sodas contain a lot of sugar which can breed cavities. Acids found in carbonated soft drinks harm teeth even more than sugar. Alternatively, if you must, drink sodas during a meal instead as the food will help to neutralize the acid.

  • Dark Chocolate for snack time

Rejoice chocolate lovers! Choose snacks like dark chocolates instead of sweet sticky sweets like caramels or gummy sweets. Dark chocolate cocoa has antioxidants that reduce the growth of bacterial plaque and improves your mood by boosting serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. This lessens the guilt for those moments of indulgence. Remember to brush after you eat!

  • High fibre foods instead of crackers

Compared to crackers, leafy and green vegetables aid digestion and promote healthy cholesterol levels. Opt for foods which are high in fibre instead of crackers when you are feeling peckish mid-day. Go for carrot or cucumber sticks as a healthier alternative. Other than generating saliva which flushes acids off the teeth, the food itself physically scrubs your teeth as it is being mashed into little pieces.

If you have always heeded your mother’s advice on having healthy and nutritious foods, thank her this Mother’s Day for your pearly whites!

Go ahead and indulge in a good meal with your Mother this Mother’s Day weekend, but remember to brush,  floss and rinse your teeth after!

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