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Specialist Dental Group is pleased to publish our first guest post – Final year Nanyang Technological University student, Steffi Goh, is an intern with our practice, and offers a student’s perspective on braces treatment.

As I am currently wrapping up the last leg of my university studies and priming myself for the corporate world alongside many of my peers, I am constantly reminded to smile during job interviews. Observing so many beautiful smiles flashing away to impress and clinch the job, I have been thinking about  the benefits of investments… in cosmetic dentistry.

Braces have become almost a status symbol of sorts, given the hefty cost of several thousand dollars. With many people expressing an interest in looking better and feeling better about their looks, it is no wonder that there is a rising number seeking aesthetic improvements. 

I recalled my experience with wearing braces (which lasted a seemingly long 4 years).  I remembered being fearful of  the injections and multiple extractions. I thanked my lucky stars that I am now past suffering from sores inside my mouth as well as the embarrassment of being caught with food stuck in between my braces.

To me, braces truly epitomize adolescent awkwardness. While my girlfriends were flashing their pearly whites at the neighboring school-boys, I thought myself incapable of attracting the opposite sex with my ‘metal mouth’ and did not dare reveal a toothy grin, thereby cementing my aloof appearance. 

But braces-wearing had its fun. For each visit to the dentist, I would emerge with different colored bands and attempt to rock the geek-chic look.  I probably startled many family members at Christmas dinner with alternating red and green bands.

The removal of my braces was perhaps one of those moments I felt like an ugly duckling growing up to be at least be swan-like. It was a delightful spiral from then onwards; hoarding the mirror to admiring my set of straight teeth; cam-whoring and laughing out loud to show off my toothy grin!

In university, I have met many friends who are contemplating  wearing braces; some due to peer pressure or influence, but mostly for a beautiful set of teeth and a red carpet-worthy smile. With more awareness and greater financial means, many adults are wearing braces of various varieties beside the standard metal ones; such as the invisible aligners (Invisalign), ceramic braces and lingual braces.

Ah! How I wish I had the option of using Invisalign during my school days. It would have made things less awkward for me. I have seen some of my friends who wear them today and it’s exactly like their own set of teeth. You can’t even tell that they are wearing braces! It’s like contact lenses for teeth.

For more information on braces and Invisalign treatment, check out the Specialist Dental Group website

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