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 If you are a hamburger fan, you would probably know about super sized burgers. What makes eating these huge burgers so much fun? Perhaps it is the mix of different tastes and textures experienced when sinking your teeth into all the layers in one bite…

Although it is delicious and fun to eat super sized burgers, it can also literally be a real pain – opening the jaw too wide may dislocate the jaw joint and, damage the cartilage and cause temporomandibular joint problems (also known as TMD or jaw joint/TMJ problems).

 Taiwanese dentists have recently urged fast food companies to stop selling over-sized burgers following a growing number of jaw injuries caused by over-sized burgers. Common complaints included sore jaws and difficulty in opening the mouth.

Prevention is always better than cure. One of the ways in preventing jaw joint pain is to avoid eating over-sized food items, such as burgers and apples, in one big bite. Cutting food into small pieces makes it easier to chew it as well as aids digestion.

If you continue to experience chronic pain in the jaw joints, consider consulting your dentist for a thorough examination and diagnosis of the problem.

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