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The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) in the USA has released the results of a survey conducted among their members,  with 33% indicating that the No. 1 cause of sensitive teeth for their patients was aggressive toothbrushing. The next most common cause of teeth sensitivity were consumption of acidic food and drinks.  To read more details, click here. Specialist Dental Group also wrote a blog posting about sensitive teeth last month.

Possible causes of teeth sensitivity

  1. gum disease
  2. wear and tear of teeth
  3. overbrushing /type of toothbrush used
  4. decayed teeth
  5. consumption of carbonated drinks
  6. hormonal changes
  7. teeth whitening
  8. broken or cracked teeth
  9. bulimia
  10. acid reflux

The AGD survey is consistent with our clinical experience. Dr Helena Lee, Specialist in Periodontics at our clinic was recently quoted in a My Paper story on sensitive teeth stating that our clinic had seen a 10% increase in patients with sensitive teeth compared with five years ago.  In the AGD survey, nearly 60% of the 700 dentists reported an increase in the frequency of tooth erosion in the same time frame of comparison.

To read more about tooth erosion and consumption of sports drinks, click here.

Tips for Sensitive Teeth Problems:

  1. Brush with a soft-bristled brush with gentle strokes.
  2. Floss between teeth;
  3. Don’t use a toothpick.
  4. Visit your dentist at least once in 6 months for thorough check-up and scaling
  5. Rinse after consuming soft drinks or eating acidic food
  6. Use a de-sensitizing toothpaste – there are several in the market

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