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About 180 children, parents and teachers from the Nanyang Kindergarten made a field trip to visit Specialist Dental Group last week. This was a first for our clinic and our dental team/clinical staff were excited to host the children. To ensure that everyone was able to fit into the clinic, the children visited us over a two-day period in different groups.


We saw this event as a wonderful opportunity to introduce  the children to the dental clinic and the dental team/staff in a positive manner. We wanted the Nanyang children to have good memories of the experience, so that subsequent trips to the dentist would be seen as a routine event, and not something to be feared.


The children were able to have a ride in the “magic chair” while dressed up in a blue bib and cool sunglasses.  Our friendly staff explained what each instrument was used for and they had an opportunity to help count each other’s teeth.


They also felt the spray from the triple syringe and experienced the blue light that is used for hardening fillings and learned that the drill (although a little noisy), did not hurt – in fact, it was rather ticklish…


Dentists from our team also showed them how to brush properly and some of the children volunteered to brush the teeth on our demonstration model and they eagerly raised their hands to answer our dental quiz. The little prizes were specially made and decorated glove balloons !


We want to thank Madam Cheng, Vice Principal of Nanyang Kindergarten for helping to organize this field trip, and also to Kodomo for their sponsorship of the event.


We hope the children had as great a time as we had fun planning the event ….



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