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Specialist Dental Group™ unveiled its new logos to commemorate a milestone in this leading specialty practice’s history – the celebration of its 30th anniversary this year.

According to Dr Ansgar Cheng, Partner and Prosthodontist with Specialist Dental Group™, the new logo’s shape symbolizes the Chinese character, “kou” (口), which means “mouth” while the little squares symbolize “teeth.” The orange square which has a sharp edge, stands out from the rest of the purple squares, and signifies that Specialist Dental Group™ differentiates itself through cutting edge specialized dental care.

“The orange colour also brings to mind, vibrancy. The forward slant of the logo incorporates our clinic’s passion to be progressive and our efforts to instill a culture of continuous learning and professional/ personal development,” said Dr Neo Tee Khin, Partner and Prosthodontist with the Group. “The purple colour denotes tradition and peace of mind, which reflects the long history of Specialist Dental Group™ (formerly Henry Lee Dental Surgery) in caring for the smiles of patients in Singapore and other countries,” said Dr Neo.

Both Dr Neo and Dr Cheng also suggested that the seven purple squares were analogous to the seven dental specialists forming the internationally trained / qualified team at Specialist Dental Group™ which works together seamlessly to provide leading edge dental solutions under one roof. “Many of our specialists are opinion leaders in their respective fields of practice,” added Dr Cheng.
A special logo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Specialist Dental Group™ was also created to mark this special milestone. “Not many dental practices in Singapore have the distinction of being around for such a long time,” said Dr Neo. The late Dr. Henry Lee, founder of the clinic, was a well established oral surgeon who placed the first titanium dental implants in Singapore more than 20 years ago. This foundation has continued today with Specialist Dental Group™ being one of the leading private practice dental implant providers in Singapore.

Specialist Dental Group™ is one of the largest multidisciplinary dental specialist groups in Singapore. Services offered by Specialist Dental Group™ include dental implants (including Instant Implants™ and Teeth-in-an-Hour implants), orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), cosmetic dentistry (veneers and teeth whitening), oral surgery and gum treatment.

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