The SDG Spotlight is a regular section of our Blog that lets you get to know a member of our friendly and hard-working team better. It also provides insights on our team member’s role in helping to make your dental experience at our clinic a positive one. We look  forward to your feedback and comments.

Whenever we visit the dentist, we entrust them to take care of our oral health. While the dentist is working to ensure that our teeth look their best, there is another person who helps ensure that the treatment process is as smooth as possible – the dental nurse/assistant.

Celia hails from the Philippines and has been a dental nurse with Specialist Dental Group (SDG) for over 6 years. She prepares dental instruments for dentists and assists them during dental procedures. Celia also helps with laboratory work.  She also speaks both English and Tagalog fluently.

Celia has a strong clinical background as she graduated from the Centro Escolar University dental school in the Philippines. After practising for 13 years as a dentist in the Philippines, she moved to Singapore in 2004 where she has been working a dental nurse since then.

Being a very organized senior dental nurse at SDG, part of Celia’s job also includes training and mentoring new dental assistants who have joined our team. In addition, Celia has taught many young and elderly patients the importance of dental hygiene.

During her free time, Celia enjoys leisure activities such as watching movies, walking around the neighbourhood and jogging on weekends as part of a healthy wholesome lifestyle.

What she likes about her role at SDG:

I enjoy many aspects of my role as a dental nurse such as being a part of a friendly team. I derive great satisfaction from assisting the dentists in delivering a high standard of oral care for the patients.

Describe a memorable patient/experience at SDG:

An experience to treasure was being part of a pioneering team that travelled to Jakarta in early 2010 to conduct the first “live surgery” for the Nobelguide Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure in Indonesia. Our team of dentists at SDG collaborated with Trisakti University in Jakarta to do the procedure – placing dental implants and final teeth on the upper jaw of a toothless patient within an hour! My colleague and I assisted the dentists during the procedure, while another of the SDG dentists was delivering a lecture to Indonesian dentists in real time.

Her passion in life:

I am always happy to take on new challenges to develop my skills further. As a dental assistant, if we are constantly improving and know the clinical skills like the back of our hands, the standard of care by the dental team will be excellent.

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