The SDG Spotlight is a regular section of our Blog that lets you get to know a member of our friendly and hard-working team better. It also provides insights on our team member’s role in helping to make your dental experience at our clinic a positive one. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

In the healthcare industry, we have encountered many patients with different needs and we strive to cater to each patient based on their individual concerns. As Specialist Dental Group (SDG) is located at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, a medical hub in the heart of Singapore, we see a many local and international patients seeking assistance with their healthcare needs.

At SDG, we have our colleague, Julia, whose main responsibility is to ensure that every SDG patient receives assistance with all the arrangements needed for a comfortable and pleasant visit. Julia’s aptitude in connecting with patients and delivering patient-focused improvisations in her daily interactions demonstrates her commitment to providing empathetic service to our patients.

Julia has gained her valuable expertise from her many years of working with an established hospital for nine years to provide excellent service by collating, investigating and responding to patient’s feedback, and also compiling case studies as training materials for staff from various levels.

At SDG, part of Julia’s responsibility is to identify the areas of improvement and brainstorm on continuous service excellence ideas via meetings with the staff and management on a regular basis. She also ensures that protocols are adhered to and that there is a standardisation of service delivery in our day to day operations.

SDG has a stellar history of providing excellent dental services since 1979, and we have seen many of our patients across the different generations of families. Therefore, it is important for us to connect our patients to the right specialists for the appropriate dental treatment.

Julia maintains her composure despite the hectic demands from her professional life by keeping herself well-read and knowing the importance of a balanced life by exercising daily.

What is your most memorable moment at SDG?

There was once a patient who was in pain due to an infected wisdom tooth and was in urgent need to see a dentist on a Sunday.  I was handling the patient’s enquiries and noted her complaint.  Being in a similar situation before, I can empathise and understand the pain and discomfort she was feeling especially it was a Sunday, not knowing where to go for help.

I provided her with instructions on how to manage the discomfort until she was able to see our dental specialist the following day.  I also arranged for her to see our dental specialist at the first appointment the following morning to ensure no waiting time and quick relief of her pain. The patient appreciated the prompt response, advice and appointment arranged for her.  She was most touched that someone has responded to her email on a Sunday and arranged for her to see a dental specialist first thing in the morning.

What makes your day?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing each and every patient leaving the clinic with a satisfied and beautiful smile.

Her passion in life:

I’m passionate about making a difference, be it at work or my personal life.  It all reflects in my professional role at SDG

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