…are good dental tips (and your two front teeth)! Christmas is around the corner and all the preparations should have started long before; the Christmas cards, year-end updates, family trip, parties, etc … but Christmas would not be complete without food.

Some people may have started restraining their food consumption one or two months before Christmas to create some space that would be filled during the festive season.

If you have prepared yourself to eat to your heart’s content, make sure that your teeth are also in good shape. The last thing that you want is to have unwanted surprises, such as broken fillings, sensitive teeth, chipped tooth, or a major toothache in the middle of the holiday season.

Having your teeth checked is the simplest thing that you could do to give you some peace of mind, especially if you have not seen a dentist for more than 6 months. With many insurance policies based on a calendar year, this is also a good time to ensure that your teeth are maintained in good condition. It would also be a bonus to start the new year with pearlie white teeth !

Some other useful holiday dental tips include:

  1. Choosing the right snacks! Avoid sticky, acidic and sugary dishes. Also, moderate the consumption of food that requires more time to chew or suck, such as sweets and hard nuts.
  2. Watch what you drink. Soft drinks, frizzy beverages, or drinks that are too hot or too cold may not be friendly to your teeth. Whenever possible, use a straw, as it may help to reduce the contact of the drink with your teeth.
  3. Brush after meals or the least gargle with plain water after eating. Most importantly, at the end of the day, do not go to sleep before brushing and flossing your teeth.
  4. Prepare the young ones! Most adults are capable of taking care of their oral hygiene. However, if you have little ones at home, bring them along when you  visit your dentist and ensure any underlying issues are addressed early. You can help to watch their diets by introducing them to healthier snacks such as; cheese, carrot sticks, or fruits.
  5. Keep the right contacts handy,such as your dentist’s emergency contact number and the hospital’s Accident and Emergency number.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



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