As a one stop centre for specialist dental solutions; Specialist Dental Group is always striving to meet our patients’ needs more effectively and efficiently. One such way is by having the latest equipment such as a Digital Panoramic X-Ray system as well as a Cone Beam CT Scanner installed in our clinic.

Digital Panoramic X-Rays


  • Patients benefit from a state-of-the-art patient-positioning system which makes the x-ray taking procedure quick, simple and accurate. Images from all different positions of the head (lateral, horizontal or chin to head imagery) can be taken and analyzed at the same time. 
  • The digital images are also transmitted into the treatment room in seconds – enabling the patient and dental specialist to discuss the x-rays almost immediately after they are taken. This is especially beneficial to patients with time constraints. 
  • Digital x-rays are also much safer for patients as the level of radiation is significantly lower than traditional x-rays (which is already very low).
  • In addition, the accuracy of the images producted digitally assists our dental specialists in planning surgery and measurements.

 Cone Beam CT Scanner


The CT scanner provides three-dimensional imaging of a patient’s overall oral and maxillofacial anatomy

  • It can be used for a wide cross-section of situations, including dental implants, jaw surgery, treatment of temporomandibular jaw problems (TMJ or jaw joint problems) and sinus surgery.
  • It is also extremely useful as an aid for dentists in visualizing patients’ internal anatomy and analyzing the exact position and orientation of patients’ critical structures such as nerves, sinus, nose, teeth roots, or even any previous implants.

With the use of technology, the margin of safety in clinical procedures is even wider, and procedures are carried out more efficiently and effectively. .. .

The best part of all these new technology at Specialist Dental Group for patients is the added convenience of having everything under one roof – there is no longer any need to go to another location to have CT scans taken.

Currently, Specialist Dental Group has a Cone Beam CT scanner, a digital x-ray machine, a lateral cephalometric machine and a surgical microscope. All nine treatment rooms are equipped with computers to enable viewing of CT scans, digital xrays and videos. 


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