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Prosthodontists are fully-trained dental specialists in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges, dental implants, restorations, missing teeth replacement and rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients. They possess the expert knowledge and experience to treat patients with more complex dental problems. Your doctor may refer you to a prosthodontist to treat the more difficult dental problems, such as procedures to replace or reconstruct multiple missing teeth and their associated structures.

Apart from the functional aspects, patients with cosmetic concerns should consult with a prosthodontist. These complex treatments require the expert knowledge and experience that only a trained prosthodontist can provide. Imperfect teeth, whether present from birth, due to natural decay or caused by a traumatic accident, can be replaced with attractive, functional teeth.

A prosthodontist acts as the “architect” of a dental treatment plan – collaborating with other dental professionals to develop solutions to your dental concerns.

Prosthodontists also work closely with other specialists such as oral & maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists and paedodontists to ensure a comprehensive and seamless approach to your dental treatment.


Dr Neo Tee Khin
Field : Prosthodontics
Training : Singapore, USA
Qualified Since : 1991

Dr Ansgar C. Cheng
Field : Prosthodontics
Training : Hong Kong, USA
Qualified Since : 1990

Dr Edwin Tan
Field : Prosthodontics
Training : Singapore, USA
Qualified Since : 1989

Dr Steven Soo
Field : Prosthodontics
Training : UK
Qualified Since : 1989

Dr Tan Kian Meng
Field : Prosthodontics
Training :

  • Dental degree – National University of Singapore (2005)
  • Master of Science – University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (2007)
  • Certificate in Prosthodontics – University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (2007)

Qualified Since : 2005


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