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Do you know that your dental health has implications on your medical condition? Join our specialists as they shed light on important dental issues. Discover how you and your loved ones can have a great smile alongside good health for decades to come.


1.00pm — 1.15pm Door Opens
1.15pm — 1.30pm Opening Introduction
1.30pm — 2.15pm Co-Managing Dental & Medical Problems
Research has shown that many dental and medical diseases are interrelated. Find out more about how dental and medical specialists work together in the 21st century to treat health problems.
A/Prof Ansgar Cheng
Specialist Dental Group®
Dr Daniel Wai
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
2.15pm — 2.45pm The Painless Enemy – Gum Disease
Gum disease does not have obvious pain until it has advanced, destroying the gums and causing the teeth to fall out eventually. Gain insights to how gum disease causes premature tooth loss and learn how you can prevent it.
Dr Daylene Leong
Specialist Dental Group®
2.45pm — 3.15pm Tea Break
3.15pm — 4.00pm Crooked Teeth & Buried Teeth
Learn more about how complex cases in dentistry may be treated with a combination of teeth alignment and oral surgical procedures.
Dr Ho Kok Sen
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Specialist Dental Group®
Dr Eugene Chan
Specialist Dental Group®
4.00pm — 4.45pm Better Teeth, Better Years
A smile is the best thing you can wear throughout your life. Explore the latest technologies to retain, restore and replace teeth for a new smile.
Dr Neo Tee Khin
Specialist Dental Group®
4.45pm — 5.00pm Question and Answer Session
5.00pm End of Seminar

Event Emcee


Steve Lai

Steve currently fronts Primetime Asia and the Friday edition of Between The Lines. You may also have seen him covering various sporting events in the recent 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015.

Outside of work, he has a passion for a sport – mountain biking – and film/theatre, acting in several short films and theatre productions.



Session #1 — Co-Managing Dental & Medical Problems

A/Prof Ansgar Cheng & Dr Daniel Wai

Traditionally, doctors in medicine and dentistry are trained by different schools. Current developments in healthcare also blossom into specialisation and sub-specialisation. Even though doctors in medicine and dentistry are trained with knowledge in the area of the other, for many years, the management of dental and medical problems almost never crosses into each other’s area of expertise. Lately, an increasing number of research has showed evidence that many diseases have connections in both dental and medical issues.

A/Prof Ansgar Cheng, Prosthodontist, and Dr Daniel Wai, Endocrinologist, explore how dental and medical doctors work together to handle clinical problems. Some rarely known facts will be covered, discovered and re-discovered in this presentation.


Session #2 — The Painless Enemy – Gum Disease

Dr Daylene Leong

Gum (Periodontal) disease is usually a silent disease that does not produce obvious signs or pain until it has progressed to an advanced stage. It is a chronic, bacteria-induced, inflammatory disease that attacks the gums and bone supporting the teeth. When the inflammation persists for too long and becomes too strong due to untreated periodontal disease, it starts to destroy the gums and supporting bone, causing the teeth to become loose and fall out eventually. Tooth loss from periodontal disease brings about several negative consequences.

Dr Daylene Leong, Periodontist, will explain what periodontal disease is all about and highlight measures to prevent premature tooth loss and its associated problems.


Session #3 — Crooked Teeth & Buried Teeth

Dr Ho Kok Sen & Dr Eugene Chan

Specialist dental interdisciplinary treatment is the industry’s gold standard and is the level we strive to excel within our profession. Teeth alignment and oral surgical procedures can be well planned and executed to allow seamless co-ordination for the best patient experience and treatment outcome.

«What if there was a buried tooth but insufficient space to allow it to come through?»

«What about extra teeth?»

«How about wisdom teeth? Should they be removed before, during or after teeth alignment treatment?»

Dr Ho Kok Sen, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, and Dr Eugene Chan, Orthodontist, will showcase how tough cases in dentistry may be treated with the combination of teeth alignment and oral surgical procedures. Facial deformity and its management will also be discussed.


Session #4 — Better Teeth, Better Years

Dr Neo Tee Khin

It is a myth that teeth will loosen and dislodge as one ages. The fact is, with proper care and prevention; we can retain a significant number of teeth for proper nutrition. The root cause of malnutrition in elderly in modern society is the lack of teeth for effective chewing. However, because teeth undergo wear and tear with time, they may require some repair or replacement.

Dr Neo Tee Khin, Prosthodontist, will share the latest technologies available to retain, restore and replace teeth for a new smile.

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