Specialist Dental Group - Dental Clinic in Singapore

Our Vision

to be the choice

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide a positive experience to our patients so that anxiety will never be the excuse not to visit the dentist again
  • To deliver multi-specialty solutions combined with professional care to resolve dental problems.
  • To provide peace of mind to patients about their treatment… because Expertise Matters

  • To raise the quality of clinical care through thought leadership, continual dental research and education.
  • To collaborate and share our clinical expertise with dental colleagues in Singapore and the region through workshops and conference lectures
  • To mentor young dentists in Singapore and regionally
  • To serve the dental community in Singapore through taking an active role in the various professional dental organizations

  • To share knowledge on dental issues and current treatments so that patients can make more informed decisions regarding their dental health.
  • To engage the public through social media, dental seminars, media interviews and other means to spread the message of prevention and rehabilitation to society at large
  • To partner with leading oral care companies to provide relevant information to the public about their dental health

Our Logo


  • The shape of the Specialist Dental Group logo symbolizes the Chinese character for mouth which is kou (口) with the smaller squares representing teeth.
  • The seven purple squares are analogous to the seven dental specialty areas in Singapore.
  • The orange square represents the different specialty areas working together seamlessly to provide comprehensive specialty dental solutions under one roof.
  • The single orange square also represents our goal to differentiate ourselves through continually delivering cutting-edge specialized dental care to our patients.
  • The forward slant of the logo reflects our passion to be progressive and our efforts to instill a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Orange denotes vibrancy while Purple is in keeping with tradition and peace of mind, reflecting our long history of caring for the smiles of our patients.

Our Awards & Achievements

dentist singapore

Singapore Quality Class
with Service Niche / Enterprise Singapore / 2019

dental clinic singapore

Bronze Award
Singapore HEALTH Award

dentist in singapore

Best Healthcare Experience
Singapore Experience Awards 2012

dentist singapore

Winner, "Promising Brands"
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011

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