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In modern times, how often do you see people spitting in Singapore? Be it in the park, in the swimming pool or on the roads – it may not be often but I am sure there are instances that you dread what you see.

Spitting is a filthy habit that spreads germs and causes health issues – not only the COVID-19. Other diseases that are spread through saliva include tuberculosis, hepatitis and a type of common herpes virus.

According to the Environmental Public Health Act, those who spit or expel mucus from the nose at a public place could be fined a maximum fine of S$1,000, even if it is the person’s first time being caught.

Nonetheless, due to the fact that the whole spitting action generally less than one second, it is difficult for officers to enforce this actively. Most people get away with spitting. One can even say that you need to be “extremely unlucky” to be caught in the act.

Hence, the other tool needed to complement enforcement will be increased public education. People need to be reminded of why one should not spit and what to do when they see someone spit.

It has been a long time since 1958 – when the last official anti-spitting campaign took place in Singapore. There seems like there is no better time than now – what do you think, Singapore?  


Singapore’s Anti-Spitting Campaign in 1958 (Source: National Heritage Board)

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