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Here is our second special SDG Dispatch communication regarding the current virus situation.

Treatment and vaccine of the virus is currently being developed and with time, mankind will figure it out. There are existing drugs that show promise as cures, including anti-malaria drug, chloroquine. Antibodies found in survivors of the coronavirus are being used for treatment research as well, similar to how antibodies are used for snake bites.

Q: What are the new developments?

While COVID-19 is more contagious than SARS or MERS, it is less fatal on a case-by-case basis, especially for those 69 years and below. There are no cases of death in Singapore. The good news is more than half of the confirmed cases have recovered, while most of the rest are in hospital with a stable/improving condition.

We are hopeful that the situation would continue to improve and are thankful for the support shown by the government during this period. Clinics around Singapore, including ourselves have received complimentary surgical masks and N95 masks from the government so as to ensure that there are sufficient protective gear for us to continue serving patients.

Q: How can you keep safe and be socially responsible?

  • Wash your hands thoroughly for about 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face and eating with unwashed hands
  • Close the toilet bowl lid before flushing
  • Wipe your phone, wallet, watch after you get home
  • Change your clothes before getting comfortable at home (ie. lying on bed)
  • Do not spit in public (ie. grass patches, drains, dustbins)
  • If unwell, wear a mask, see a doctor as soon as you can and avoid crowded places

Q: What can you expect during your dental visit?

We believe in the importance of adhering to directives given by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. Dental appointments carry on as usual and here are some extra measures implemented to screen patients: 

  1. Complete a patient/visitor registration form at the entrance of Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre/Gleneagles Medical Centre on the day of your appointment (beat the queue with an online form here: http://bit.ly/2SObOqI – keep the page on the browser so that they can be reviewed by the screening staffs) 
  2. Complete a health declaration form when you are at the clinic
  3. Your temperature will be taken by one of our friendly front office colleagues

If any of our patients are unwell, we will be able to seek help for you immediately.

In all, we are hopeful of the situation. It will get better. Let’s continue to be vigilant and socially responsible. We will overcome this together. Meanwhile, we continue to pray for divine intervention.

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