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We feel it is important to have this special dispatch communication regarding the current virus situation.

Officially named as COVID-19 (earlier cluster 2% mortality, latest 0.2%), the novel coronavirus belong to the same family of SARS (10% mortality) and MERS (34%). Treatment and vaccine of the virus is currently being developed.

Q: How is SDG handling it?

SDG shall keep operating. We stop only when:

  1. Guidelines from Ministry of Health or Mount Elizabeth/Gleneagles Hospital changes
  2. Run out of protective gears (SDG has direct sources for disinfectant and protection gear)

We follow the best prevention method known which is frequent handwashing and avoiding hand to face contact. Unless you are unwell, you do not need to wear a mask. Wearing a mask (outside of clinical setting) is more for cognitive awareness rather than preventing transmission. 

Q: What is SDG’s safety practice?

  • Health and travel declaration form to be completed for all patients/visitors
  • Temperature scanning for all patients/visitors
  • Record every colleague’s temperature two times a day
  • Wear our full protection gears as always
  • Practice full sterilisation as always with the latest sterilisation procedures in the surgical industry.
  • Extend disinfection practices to the waiting area (twice a day) and continue daily end-of-day professional cleaning services
  • Carry out regular professional maintenance of aircon systems (yes, we are that detailed orientated)
  • Constantly communicate and educate our colleagues that any quarantine order and LOA, if any, needs to be strictly adhered to

Q: How safe is it now?

1) Scientific publications by Prof Lakshman S. (scientist/dentist/microbiologist, Dean of HKU’s Faculty of Dentistry till 2013) showed that there were no dental health care worker affected by SARS in a hospital or dental setting. This is largely due to a combination of factors, including the universal infection control measures that the dental community has implemented.

2) Many of our experienced clinicians have lived through the period of SARS, for example, Dr Ho Kok Sen (Oral Surgeon) was in the task force.

3) A few of our dental specialists had served on the medical board of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, so we are in tune with the latest development of the situation.

4) Our group of dental specialists/dental surgeons also met up to discuss the virus situation so that we are all on the same page.

Hence, it is safe to receive your good dental treatment with your good dentist as usual.

Q: How does Team SDG keep up to date of the situation?

Our experience is that there are a lot of noise around (fake news). Our team simply ignore those and follow official statements from trustworthy source with high quality people whom we admire, such as Singapore’s Ministry of Health, WHO and messages from Mount Elizabeth Hospital. We also treasure what is published in Singapore media such as CNA and The Straits Times.

In all, let’s do our best to be vigilant and socially responsible. We will overcome this together.

Meanwhile, we pray for divine intervention.

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