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Former US President Barack Obama speaking at a private dialogue. Photo: The Growth Faculty

Former US President Barack Obama was in Singapore recently for a few days as part of a tour of Asia. He attended a few events including meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and spoke at a public dialogue held by The Growth Faculty, an Australian business events provider.

4,500 professionals and executives were there to listen to Mr Obama speak on the topics of leadership, global trends, his time in the White House and life after presidency.

He also shared a few other interesting thoughts, one of which was that Singapore is THE country to go for great dentists. Being in the industry, we are really happy that he said that. At Specialist Dental Group, we work to provide the best professional care and services to our patients. Did Mr Obama actually seek professional dental care while he was in Singapore? Who was his dentist in Singapore? Maybe he did, maybe he did not. Even if we knew who the dentist was, we are not in the position to comment on that.

The fact is, so far at Specialist Dental Group, our efforts have been recognized by various awards including the Singapore Quality Class (2019), Singapore Service Class (2016) and Best Healthcare Experience (2012). We can’t be more proud to hear that the former US President commented on our industry. Thank you, Mr Obama! Do come back to visit Singapore and test your teeth with chilli crab next time. It will be on us 😉 

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