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Removable dentures are a common missing teeth replacement method that patients opt for. Many may find that they are loving their brand new smile so much that they want to keep them on overnight.

Other than the first night, which you may be instructed by your dental specialist/dentist to keep the denture on for 24 hours, it is important to give your gums a rest from your dentures while you are asleep. In addition, that will help to prolong the lifespan of your denture, keeping them free of stains and building up of bacteria.

You are advised to:

  • Remove dentures before you sleep
  • Clean them thoroughly
  • Soak them in liquid denture cleanser or water overnight

Sleeping with dentures increase risk of pneumonia

This is further supported by a study done by a team of researchers in Japan that denture wearing during sleep will double the risk of pneumonia in the very elderly. The study provided empirical evidence that denture wearing during sleep is associated not only with oral inflammatory and microbial burden but also with incident pneumonia.

Risk of denture aspiration

Another important time to remove your dentures may be before any medical / dental surgeries. Do inform your doctor that you are wearing dentures and based on his/her advice, you may be required to remove your denture before your surgery. This will prevent complications that may arise from your denture being swallowed and entering your gastrointestinal or respiratory system, as in the case with a man from Britain. These cases are known as “denture ingestion or aspiration”.

Dentures when used in the right manner, is a very safe teeth replacement method. When you experience any doubts, feel free to check with your dental specialist/dentist.

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