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A full mouth digital x-ray, which is also known as orthopantomogram (OPG) or panoramic x-ray, is an important diagnostic tool used by dental specialists/dentists to thoroughly examine your dental condition. They are commonly performed and generally safe. It allows dental specialists/dentists to see what cannot be seen from the physical mouth, such as:

  • caries in between teeth
  • teeth that have not been erupted or are buried
  • cysts in the jaw bones
  • advanced periodontal (gum) disease

At Specialist Dental Group, we have been taking these digital x-rays since 2010. As compared to physical x-ray films, digital x-rays have numerous benefits for patients:

  • less radiation exposure
  • eliminates error that may be present in darkroom during processing of physical x-ray films
  • faster capturing process
  • do not degrade or discolour over time

One of the most common concern that patients have is the amount of radiation that they are exposed to during the process of taking a digital x-ray. However, patients can rest assured that the amount of radiation exposure is low. Effective radiation from an OPG is about 5 days of natural background radiation (as seen in table below). Effective radiation from smaller versions of dental x-rays such as periapical or bitewing x-rays is only about 6.5 hours of background radiation.  

Average Effective Radiation Dose Compared with Natural Background Radiation

Furthermore, we help to limit patient’s exposure to radiation by the routine use of a lead apron.

In conclusion, there will be some radiation exposure when you are taking a panoramic x-ray, but the amount is not considered harmful. If you have any concerns, feel free to discuss them with your dental specialist/ dentist. If you are pregnant, remember to share it with your dental specialist/ dentist as well so that he/she can advise on the necessity of the procedure.


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