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One of the highly anticipated events of the year that we look forward to is our annual year end dinner! A night filled with good food, fun games and great lucky draw prizes.

With the theme being “Black and White Ball”, most of us came dressed in our black and/or white outfits. From the photos below, you can see all of us looking very good, because the “best dressed award” was a $100 Sephora Gift Card, sponsored by our Patient Services Manager, Julia and a hamper worth more than $150, sponsored by Dr Neo Tee Khin.

Specialist Dental Group | Dental Clinics in Singapore

Wefie with our guests who are made up of loved ones, family members and working partners.


Specialist Dental Group | Dental Clinics in Singapore

Team members who are present in black and white.

During this dinner, management also took the opportunity to present Celia, one of our dental assistants, with a cheque of $10,000, to thank her for 10 years of dedication and service to Specialist Dental Group. We know that SDG is a great place to work in – we have wonderful team members and management who is always very understanding – nonetheless, 10 years still show a tremendous level of loyalty and strong sense of belonging. Celia is our third team member who has received the 10 years long service award and there will be a few more team members receiving their cheques next year. We are definitely looking forward to many more years of service from them (:

Specialist Dental Group | Long Service Award

In addition to presentation of the long service award, we had a blast playing games too. We played two games, Strike a Pose and Watch Ya’ Mouth.

Strike A Pose requires a group of representatives to act out different characters under the same category at the same time, and team members are supposed to guess all the various characters being acted out.


Specialist Dental Group Year End Dinner | Dental Clinics in Singapore

Representatives acting out the characters given to them under the category of “Celebrities & Fictional Characters”

As for Watch Ya’ Mouth, each team’s representatives are required to wear a mouth retractor and read out phrases such as “purple pixie dust”, “melting peach popsicles” and “waves wash away a walrus”, while their team members try to understand what they are saying.

With their lips and the shape of their mouth being restricted by the retractor, it is harder to pronounce certain words clearly. Therefore, you can imagine the amount of laughter all of us ended in.


Specialist Dental Group Year End Dinner | Dental Clinics in Singapore

The brave representatives for the game “Watch Ya Mouth”

The night was concluded with a grand lucky draw – where a total of 19 prizes worth more than $6,500 were given out. The prizes are cash prizes of $150 onwards to shopping vouchers to staycation packages and the top two prizes being a $1,200 travel voucher and a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.


Specialist Dental Group Year End Dinner | Dental Clinics in Singapore

Our two lucky winners: Charlene, who won $1,200 travel voucher and Hui Pin, who won a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

Once again, we would like to thank all of the doctors and working partners who sponsored to make the night’s lucky draw so attractive. At the end of the day, we went home with both our hands and tummies full. 😉

ps: check out the video below as more than 70 of us take on the mannequin challenge during the party.. it was our first time 😀


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