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5 Oral Health Mistakes Seniors Can Avoid Making1. Misconception that loss of teeth is inevitable as one ages

Research data simply shows that teeth loss is not unavoidable and having good teeth for life is not unrealistic. Whatever you do with regards to your oral health now, plays an important part in forming the smile you wear when you are 60. You really do not have to live with a toothless smile.

2. ‘Forget’ to maintain oral hygiene

Older teeth does not mean less maintenance needs. In fact, more TLC (time, love and care) should be given. The easy starting point is to give our teeth the attention they deserve – by brushing them twice daily, two minutes each time.

3. Have the concept that ‘I am too old, no need to worry about my teeth’

People tend to forget that we biologically age much slower than the earlier generations due to better technologies. 40 years ago, people in their 60s looked senile and most passed on before they reach their 70s. Now we see many people in their 70s picking up new hobbies (e.g. ballroom dancing, gardening) and live an active life. With average longevity improving over time in Singapore, It is never too old for anything.

4. Misconception that third party insurance coverage will safeguard one’s dental health

Third party financial coverage, be it government incentives or insurance, are not meant to fully cover all treatment needs regardless of the nature of the underwriter. Third party schemes are there to ‘help out’ in case of needs. It is similar to automobile insurance, having it is to cover the unforeseeable events. Automobile insurance is not a green light for driving through all the red lights with our eyes closed, which is a sure way of getting into unpleasant surprises! Each individual should be realistically responsible for their dental needs (and their safety on the road).

5. Think that dentistry is expensive and put away visiting the dentist until they cannot stand the pain

Dentistry is expensive because many people only see their dentist when they are in pain, which usually means big problems. These unpleasant dental problems are mostly avoidable if they had been detected earlier, before the disease worsens. With close to 2000 dentists in Singapore, it should not be difficult to find a dentist that suits one’s needs. After all, regular six-monthly dental check-ups are much more affordable than doing major dental work. So, do not let small dental problems develop into big and expensive problems by having regular dental check-ups.

In summary, apply the rule of 2-2-2 – see your dentist 2 times a year, brush your teeth 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time.


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