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In the first part of blog post, we covered what took place during Dr Cheng’s 800m run at the 19th Asia Masters Athletics Championships (AMAC).

As for the second (and final) part, we recollect our experience at Dr Cheng’s 5000m and 4 x 400m relay run which took place on 8 May 2016.

That Sunday morning, it was truly sun-day as the scorching sun shone brightly. In no time, the sun dried the track completely despite it having rained earlier during dawn.

Just as Dr Cheng was preparing himself mentally for the 5000m race, the team at Specialist Dental Group spared no efforts to prepare as well – not to run, but to cheer. We put on our shades, slathered our arms and legs with sunscreen and rolled out our banner and cheer posters.

Dr Ansgar Cheng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

We became cheerleaders for a day. Go Dr Cheng!

During the race, we translated all of our excitement and support into loud cheers for Dr Cheng. We cheered our lungs out, with the hope that our cheers would give Dr Cheng an additional boost. The cheers climaxed when Dr Cheng overtook other runners to lead in pole position. Within a short span of 17min 39.47 secs, Dr Cheng was the first to run across the finish line. He won the gold medal! Euphoria filled our hearts and we celebrated.

This was indeed a rare and memorable opportunity – to be able to cheer on one of our doctors who was competing and representing Singapore. Although Sundays may be the only rest day that most of us get in a week, the sacrifice was truly worth it. After the medal presentation, we headed back to spend the rest of our Mothers’ Day with our loved ones.

Dr Ansgar Cheng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Cheng receiving his medal, along with runners with China (second) and Mongolia (third).

As for Dr Cheng, he had unfinished business. He still had to run in the anchor (final) leg of the 4 x 400m relay race.

He obtained the baton when the team was in the second last position, and gave a blazing performance to lift the team to the third position. Thankfully for us who couldn’t be there to watch the exciting run, a video was taken to capture the exciting moments.

Now that AMAC is over, the next stop is the World Masters Athletics Championships (WMAC). Dr Cheng has been invited to participate globally and this year, it would be held in Perth, Western Australia, from 26 October to 6 November.

The team at Specialist Dental Group is immensely proud of what he has accomplished as well as the amount of perseverance, determination and spirit of excellence he displayed. We are confident that he would continue to pursue excellence and outdo himself, not only in his clinical work, but also in his runs. We wish him the very best for the upcoming WMAC!

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