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Do you know that the word ‘nurse’ originally came from the word ‘nourrice’, which refers to one who nourishes?

That’s exactly what nurses do! Nurses play many different roles  in patient care, including caregiver, communicator, manager of care, and patient advocate, among others. At Specialist Dental Group (SDG), our nurses not only assist the dentists to help solve dental problems in a timely manner; they are also always at hand to offer a comforting pat on the shoulder or a quick squeeze of the hand.

At one point or another, we have all been patients ourselves, and we would like to take this day to thank all nurses for making a difference.

To our lovely team in SDG, thank you for providing care and assurance to our patients. Keep up the good work!

IMG_9846-revIn appreciation of the nurses’ outstanding work performance and dedication, we invited our nurses and fellow nursing colleagues from various clinics to join us for a buffet dinner.

Unlike the rest of the world which celebrates International Nurses’ Day on 12 May, 01 August marks the day which we celebrate Nurses’ Day in Singapore.

01 August is a special day for all nurses in Singapore as it is the day when nursing started in Singapore.

We would like to wish all nurses a “Happy Nurses’ Day!” once again, and thank you all for your care and commitment.

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