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1Healthy employees are more productive. We have witnessed how having a healthy team also translates into more positive energy in the clinic, and are able to better manage stress.

Our annual Health Screening which took place on January 21st was a success! Our team members reported to work slightly earlier than usual to make sure they were first in the line. We suspect they were early because they wanted to have their breakfast after the screening. The earlier they got their blood tests done, the earlier they could  munch on their breakfast!

Hungry or not, we are camera-ready with no grumpy faces!

For a start, everyone had their height and weight taken. Blood pressure reading was also measured to see if anyone would be at risk of hypertension. It is good to know that most of us are generally within the healthy range.

3While waiting, the staff also took time to catch up with one another on some of the health related issues they experienced before.

Keeping healthy is essential. Sometimes, we tend to neglect our own health while we are busy taking care of others.

A/Prof Ansgar Cheng also had a sample of his blood drawn for further tests. From his expression, we knew he was probably faking it.

Dr Daylene Leong was also one of the doctors who took part and she looked calm and collected, and even had time to smile for the camera!

Our staff is our most important asset and we will continue to work on improving their benefits.

If you have not scheduled for an annual health check-up for some time, why not schedule one at your 2nearest clinic? Remember that being healthy at work does not start or end at work. It also entails maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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