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Did you read the article published in Straits Times on Wednesday, January 14th 2015 on how a newly built theme park would allow kids to experiment with different ‘jobs’ from different industries? What a brilliant idea to ignite the interest in children on what they aspire to be when they grow up!

Being a dentist is one of the role-playing characters available in this fun-filled park, so if you (or your child) are considering dentistry as a career, read on for an insight into a typical day of a dentist.

What is a Typical Day?

While a dentist in Singapore generally starts work at about 9 in the morning, the similarities end there.   Depending on the day’s cases and perhaps the dentists’ area of specialty, one may be presented with a myriad of dental issues ranging from missing teeth, dental cavities, misaligned teeth, to more complex cases such as jaw surgeries. The day may end early or late, again, depending on how things pan out in the day. One thing’s for sure, there is never a boring day!

At the forefront of technology

Technology in dentistry has been evolving and you should expect to progress alongside with the technologies that help to improve your patients’ lives. For example, fabricating a crown used to take at least a week; now, only two hours is required.

Teamwork with Medical Doctors

As a dentist, you may need to attend to medically compromised patients who require multi-disciplinary treatments from both dentists and medical doctors. For instance, having to perform dental clearance for patients before they start on radiation/chemotherapy treatment. At Specialist Dental Group, our doctors are well-versed with medically compromised patients and have performed joint consultations and surgeries with other medical doctors to enable the best possible patient outcomes. Here is one such case where our dental specialists, Dr Ansgar Cheng and Dr Ho Kok Sen worked with an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgeon, and a plastic surgeon to restore a patient’s life to normalcy. Learning in this profession never stops and you get to share knowledge with your peers in other medical fields.

Balanced lifestyle

Dentists generally have a more balanced lifestyle between professional and personal time. There are comparatively less cases of emergencies as dentists rarely have to attend to patients whose lives may be at risk.  This also means as a dentist, one may have a little more leeway to pursue personal interests.

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