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IMG-20141015-WA0003October 15 is special day for the staff in Specialist Dental Group®.  Instead of their usual uniforms and personal protective equipment, staff put on their sports attire and track shoes.

What is the special occasion? Specialist Dental Group’s Wellness Day!

In recent years, Health Promotion Board has been putting much emphasis on and encouraging work-life balance. An individual can easily spend 40% of their time in a work place.

To achieve a healthy work life balance, many companies have put emphasis on the well-being of staff and organised healthy activities.  Specialist Dental Group is no exception, and we had our first Wellness Day on 15 October.  We strongly believe that healthy staff means happier staff and therefore higher productivity levels.

We kick start the day with an hour of stretching and Yoga poses, followed by health talks on how to eat healthy and a cooking demonstration.

IMG-20141015-WA0030Surprisingly, healthy food can be tasty too!  As the Chinese saying goes, 原汁原味, meaning, to preserve the original essence and flavour of the ingredients.  A healthy 4 person-serving dish whipped up by the chef only needed 20 minutes of preparation time. Besides being yummy, it was also really healthy, what more could we have asked for!  There was even have an appetiser and we completed the meal with a tofu banana peach shake dessert.

The day continued with talks on mental health, where speakers taught staff about understanding the common misconception between pressure and stress. It was a good session and we learnt about various coping techniques when faced with challenges.  Pressure from work is inevitable but it is all about taking charge of managing stress.

Fulfilling the mental, health and emotional aspects, the day ended on a high with a Zumba and K-pop session.  It was a fun-filled (albeit a little sweaty) educational day for all staff and we look forward to the next activity day!

Our Awards & Achievements

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Singapore Quality Class
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Bronze Award
Singapore HEALTH Award

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Best Healthcare Experience
Singapore Experience Awards 2012

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Winner, "Promising Brands"
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011

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