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Are you one of the many people who are fearful at the thought of visiting the dentist? Or do you often put off visiting the dentist for regular check-ups to save yourself from feeling embarrassed about the state of your oral health?

Most likely, your dentist has seen teeth which are in worse condition than yours! Think about it, your dentist sees patients on daily basis from all walks of life, all over the world and the chance to see a peculiar dental case is quite a probable. Here in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Gleneagles Medical Centre at the hub of medical tourism in Southeast Asia, welcoming patients of different nationalities is not uncommon.

Dentists today are quite different from the old-school dentists you have seen or heard in the past where they use “lecturing” or “fear factor” as part of making patients comply with good oral care regime.

Today, they are really a team of dentists who use TLC (tender loving care) and they understand that an open two-way communication is essential to maintaining a successful relationship between a dentist and a patient.

Dentists train and spent a significant amount of time on different dental procedures during their dental school. Dental specialists spend additional years in intensive training in a specific area of dentistry, and most go on to take a specialty examination in order to be certified by the relevant specialty board.

This means they are serious about fixing your dental problems, whether it is with your teeth or gums. And sometimes, it goes beyond the teeth and mouth and they form real friendship with patients.

If you have been to our clinics, you would notice that some of our dentists have seen patients for generations, from their grandparents’ days all the way to their grandchildren’s generation.

They often say that in order to overcome your fear, you need to face it. This holds true with visiting the dentist. The more regular your visits to the dentist, the less complicated the treatment you need; we promise you, it gets breezier with each dental visit!

Tomorrow is Dentists’ Day, if you have a dentist that you visit regularly, or if you have not, why not schedule for a check-up now and let your dentist know you appreciate the good work, they will appreciate it!


In 2012, Specialist Dental Group® won the Best Healthcare Experience, presented by Singapore Tourism Board to honour SDG’s consistent efforts in elevating its experience level for patients. Our dentists and staff strive to deliver excellent experience for our patients in our daily patient interactions and this recognition is just a bonus!

Our Awards & Achievements

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Bronze Award
Singapore HEALTH Award

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Best Healthcare Experience
Singapore Experience Awards 2012

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Winner, "Promising Brands"
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011


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