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Specialist Dental Group has launched an on-going series of blog posts by our individual dental specialists. All views provided are the dentist’s own opinions and are posted on this blog as part of our on-going efforts to educate the public about dental issues and other matters of interest relating to dentistry and healthcare.

Chinese New Year’s round the corner, and for the Chinese, this is the most important time of the year. Akin to Thanksgiving for the Americans and Canadians, this is the time of the year when traditions abound and feasts galore. More importantly, this is when we remind ourselves to be thankful for what we have.

Having had to spend Chinese New Year in the brutal cold for the past three years, in a place where nobody really celebrates the festival, I feel an inexplicable sense of joy whenever I hear Chinese New Year songs being played on the streets these days. The warmth (pun intended) of the season and the familiarity of home made me realize how I have taken for granted these intangibles and many more. Home is truly where it’s best.

I am glad to be back in Singapore, working with a stellar group of colleagues who are committed to patient care and making a difference in our patients’ lives. It is always heartening to see that patients recognize this and show their appreciation in various forms such as showering us with Chinese New Year goodies. My waistline has been expanding since I returned to Singapore, but I am not complaining, for being in a food haven is one of many things I am thankful for!

With Chinese New Year just four days away, here’s wishing everyone an awesome Chinese New Year, and a bountiful year ahead! Amidst all the feasting and merry-making, do not forget to visit your dentist!

Is the grass always greener on the other side? I have my answer. What’s yours?


Dr. Daylene Leong is a Dental Surgeon with Specialist Dental Group. She received her basic dental training at National University of Singapore and advanced training in Periodontology from the University of Michigan, USA. She is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. For more information on Dr. Daylene Leong , click here

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