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Have you heard of dentistry while you sleep? Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up, pain-free and have your dental problems resolved without a memory of the procedure ? This is now a reality with Sedation Dentistry.

Usually done in conjunction with oral surgery procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery or dental implant surgery, our dental specialists work closely with our anesthesiologist colleagues to provide an anxiety-free experience for patients who may be apprehensive about the procedure, or who may just want to sleep through the whole process.

A recent article by Straits Times columnist Ignatius Low (November 20, 2011) illustrates his own experience with dental implant surgery:  “.. I went to sleep and had a nice dream about planning for an overseas vacation. Then someone was shaking me awake. ……… I was in a wonderful mood. I remember telling another patient who was with me in the recovery room about my dream and soon we were chatting and laughing about our jobs and lives… Again that word – Wow…”

While sedation dentistry does cost more than a procedure using local anesthesia alone, patients are paying for the services of a medical doctor with specialty training as an anesthesiologist to monitor their vital signs and ensure a pain-free experience. Many patients have provided feedback that it is certainly worth the anxiety-free experience.

Find out more about pain-free dentistry by reading our previous blog post. Specialist Dental Group is an accredited day surgery and we are able to perform surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth surgery and dental implant surgery in the comfort of a clinic setting, rather than in the operating theatre.

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