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live surgery workshopThe weekend of February 19, 2011 was a busy one for the Specialist Dental Group team – Dr Neo Tee Khin and Dr Ho Kok Sen were involved in a workshop/demonstration of the NobelGuide Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure at our clinic. Several dentists from Malaysia and Indonesia were in Singapore to attend a workshop organized by NobelBiocare, a world leader in implant and esthetic solutions.

The Teeth-in-an-Hour clinical team had previously performed a Live Surgery of the procedure in Indonesia on the patient’s lower jaw. The success of the treatment and the patient’s improved ability to enjoy his food resulted in the patient being very motivated to go through the procedure again… but this time on his upper jaw.

A lecture on the procedure and a hands-on session were also conducted during the weekend. With Specialist Dental Group’s strong foundation in dental implants, this event also represents our clinic’s Mission in contributing to the dental community in Singapore and the region through the sharing of knowledge and clinical expertise.

teeth in an hour procedureNobelGuide Teeth-in-an-Hour is minimally invasive procedure in replacing multiple missing teeth. Patients recover faster and also have their new teeth in a fraction of the time that it takes for conventional dental implant treatment.

The procedure allows implants and the final prostheses (replacement teeth) to be placed together at the same time within an hour.  In order to ensure a successful result, detailed planning is required prior to the day of surgery. At least 2 appointments over a 2-3 week period are required to complete the overall procedure, starting from the initial consultation, the fabrication of the surgical template, to the fitting of the crowns.

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