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By Moonlake Lee

tree of lifeSpecialist Dental Group is delighted to support World Vision Singapore’s  2010 Tree of Life campaign – to encourage our staff, patients and friends to sponsor a child in an impoverished country to access basic needs such as food, clean water, basic healthcare, education and future economic opportunities.

To start the ball rolling, we have 12 children featured on the Specialist Dental Group Tree of Life campaign – we selected the countries based on the nations that our staff, patients and friends come from, in an effort to give back to these communities as a way of saying “thank you” for bringing them into our lives.

The children hail from the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. It would be wonderful if we could find sponsors for all these 12 children and have to ask World Vision Singapore for more children to feature on our Tree of Life …!!

The commitment is a monthly donation of SGD$45 which goes towards the community where the sponsored child is living in. This works out to only about SGD$1.50 a day (roughly what you would pay for a soft drink at lunch or dinner time)…

You can correspond with the child and the child (and his or her parents, through a translator) can write back to you. World Vision also organizes trips to visit the community and this is an opportunity to meet the sponsored child in person and see what a difference your gift has made to the child and the community. To read stories of how the lives of some sponsored children have been dramatically changed, click here. You can also read more about Child Sponsorship by clicking here.

child drawingchild sponsorOn a personal level, our family has sponsored three children over the years – two from Sri Lanka (one boy and one girl) and one from Cambodia. We have a file with all the lovely letters, pictures and drawings sent to us by our sponsored children. It is wonderful to see how they are growing. We selected the sponsored children based on similarity in age group to our children, so that our children can also grow together with their sponsored “brother and sisters” in another country, and be more aware of the situation faced by other children in the world.

Make this Christmas a special one for yourself, your family… and most of all, for a child who needs your help.

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P/S   If you do decide to sponsor a Child or make a Life Changing Gift through reading our Blog, Facebook or through the display in our clinic, please let us know by dropping us an email. We would be so happy to hear the good news !!

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