Why are children's teeth Important?

    Like permanent teeth, primary teeth are also important for mastication and appearance and guidance of the permanent dentition and thus it is important to take care of the milk teeth.

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    All dentists are able to see child patients. However, you should consider bringing your child to see a paedodontist or specialist in paediatric dentistry because:

    • A paedodontist has special training in the dental management of children (from infants to those under 18 years old).
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    Our Children's Dentistry Team

    Specialist Dental Group’s Paedodontist (Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry or Children’s Dentistry) is Dr Elizabeth Tan. We have a team of experienced dental assistants who are familiar with assisting Dr Tan as a holistic team in managing our young patients.

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Children's Dentistry Fees

Consultation & Treatment Fees

Before our dental specialists are able to confirm whether the appropriate treatment for your child they would need to:

  • Examine your child’s dental condition.
  • Review an x-ray if your child (if indicated).
  • Discuss your child’s medical history and other concerns that you may have.

Thus, the initial consultation with one (or more) of our children’s dentistry team members is the first step in the treatment process.

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What is Involved?

  • When should be the child’s first visit to a dentist?
  • How to prepare your child for a dental visit
  • How long will the appointment take?
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Common Dental Problems in Children

  • Baby Bottle Tooth Decay"
  • Thumbsucking / Pacifier Use
  • Teeth griding when sleeping
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