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  • We have a team of 11 internationally qualified/ trained dentists from 5 different areas of dental specialty
  • Has more than 200 years of cumulative clinical experience
  • Recipient of “Best Healthcare Experience” at the Singapore Experience Awards 2012
  • Winner of Promising Brands, Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011

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Dr. May Ling Eide

Dr. May Ling Eide

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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, missing teeth is a common predicament not just for older people, but also the young ones. Teeth can be removed because of extensive cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, accidents or injuries; others may never have developed some of their teeth due to ...

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What is a Dental Specialist?

The internationally trained / qualified dentists at Specialist Dental Group® work together as a team to deliver comprehensive dental solutions under one roof.

Specialists spend an additional 2-3 years of training in a specific area of dentistry. They also undergo an examination process by their peers to establish that they are knowledgeable in their area of specialization. Specialists spend more of their clinical time doing these specialized procedures on a daily or regular basis and have the training and experience to handle complex cases and handle risks and problems.

Fee Information & Medisave

Find out more information about our fees and the financing methods available on the relevant specialty dental services page. Note that the Singapore Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 7% applies to our fees.


Specialist Dental Group® is an accredited day surgery by the Ministry of Health. Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore may use their Medisave for certain oral surgery procedures.


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Gleneagles Medical Centre
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Can Adults Wear Braces?

Can Adults Wear Braces?

The short answer is yes; of course adults can wear braces. The longer answer is that the suitability of braces depends on the individual. However, this…


Media Coverage

The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, March 26, 2015: “Build Oral-Care Habits from Young”

The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, March 26, 2015: “Build Oral-Care Habits from Young”

With so many aspects of an infant’s or toddler’s well-being to fuss over, parents, sometimes, ignore early oral care. They may, for instance, neglect to take their young child to the dentist.

But it is important to do so. “Failure to care for the baby teeth may result in cavities, pain and infection,” said Dr Elizabeth Tan, a dental specialist in paedodontics with Specialist Dental Group.



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Bronze Award
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Best Healthcare Experience
Singapore Experience Awards 2012

Winner, "Promising Brands"
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011