The Straits Times (10 May 2016): Ailments Your Dentist Needs to Know About (Dr Helena Lee)

This article first appeared on The Straits Times on 10 May 2016. We have reproduced it for the information of those of you who missed it when…

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健康No.1,2015年3月:治口疮偏方 哪个有效?

问: 我经常长口疮。许多民间偏方据说有助于治口 疮,如在溃疡处涂盐、芦荟或苏打粉。请问哪 种方法最有效? 答:有人认为,使用浓度高的盐分能杀灭可能导致 口腔发炎溃疡的细菌,然 而,至今无明确的医学证 据显示盐能有效治口疮。 体内缺乏维生素C、维生素B12、铁或锌等营养素,可能导致伤口不易愈合,形成口疮。芦荟含有多种营养素,被认为对口疮愈合有帮助,不过,只有有限的医学实验证明它真的有效。 长口疮与吃太多酸的食物,口腔形成酸性环境有关,将苏打粉(Baking soda) 调水,形成碱性溶液,可抵消口腔环境的 酸度,有助于舒缓疼痛,以及让溃疡较快愈合。 对于偶尔出现或情况轻微的口疮,使 用偏方无妨,但,如果持续超过两个星期 没有好转,或反复复发,就应该尽快去给 牙医检查。长期不愈的口疮,有可能与其 他较严重的疾病有关,如口腔癌。 对于口疮,医生可开有助于减轻口腔 疼痛或不适的膏药。均衡的营养也能预防长口疮。

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Ezyhealth Magazine, April 2014 issue: “Fixed Bridges VS Dental Implants” (zh)

Ultimately, traditional tooth borne bridges are still a viable choice in some situations, however, dental implants now offer the possibility of having natural, comfortable and stable long term teeth replacements without the need for further tooth destruction.

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The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, July 18, 2013: More reasons to smile (zh)

“Patients who are aesthetically conscious and do not want the ‘Ugly Betty’ look can now be treated with ‘invisible’ aligners and start smiling with more confidence. Invisalign is a series of transparent aligners that move the teeth over a period of time,” Dr Eugene Chan says

“The ceramic braces that we provide at Specialist Dental Group are the latest design and offer patients a more aesthetic option and are much more comfortable than some other ceramic braces available,” says Dr Eide

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Ezyhealth Magazine, July 2013 issue: "Pain and Locking Episodes – Signs and symptoms of TMJ Disorder" (zh)

TEMPORARY JOINT DISORDER (TMD, TMJ Disorder or Jaw Joint Disorder) is a common condition which affects the jaw joints (TMJ) and the muscles and structures around the joint. Most people know someone who has suffered from this disorder. There are many contributory factors to TMJ Disorder, such as chronic pain syndrome, psychological factors, muscle over-activity, and dental malocclusion (improper bite). In this article, Dr Steven Soo shares with you in more detail on treatment options available for TMJ.

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Shape Magazine, May 2013 issue: “Big Bad Breath” (zh)

Halitosis can be transient, as you’ve probably noticed from your partner’s morning yawn. When we sleep, less oxygen flows through the mouth. This allows bacteria to multiply and give off a bad smell, explains Dr Daylene Leong, dental surgeon from Specialist Dental Group Singapore.

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The Straits Times, Service Excellence, April 8, 2013: “All smiles at dental group as service gets a boost” (zh)

The patient is regarded as the boss at Specialist Dental Group, so staff have every incentive to do their best to provide good service.

All these initiatives help ensure the patient experience is positive. As Dr Cheng mentions: “We are not treating the teeth, we are treating the person.”

Dr Neo notes: “It’s a human nature. When patients are happy and have a positive experience, we feel more satisfied. “You want to work in an environment where you feel appreciated. That’s the intangible benefit.”

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