The SDG Spotlight is a regular section of our Blog that lets you get to know a member of our friendly and hard-working team better. It also provides insights on our team member’s role in helping to make your dental experience at our clinic a positive one. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

Front desk staff are the face of the company. They are usually the first to greet patients and the one responsible for the first impression that patients have about our clinic when they visit us. This aspect alone makes the front desk role an important one. Specialist Dental Group™ was the Recipient of “Best Healthcare Experience” at the Singapore Experience Awards 2012 and we believe that it was excellent teamwork among our dentists and staff that helped us clinch the award..

Nengsi is our Front Desk Staff, who is currently based at unit #08-10 at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. She works together with our Senior Front Desk Manager, Helen. Nengsi has been working with us for almost two years and she is fluent in various languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Teochew, Hokkien and of course, English. 

Her strong grasp of many languages is a valuable trait that comes in handy in her daily interactions with patients from around the world and all walks of life.

Before Nengsi took over the role of Front Desk staff, she was a dental nurse and assisted our dentists with various specialty procedures. She had previously worked as a dental assistant for six years prior with several dental clinics prior to joining Specialist Dental Group™.

What do I like most about my role at SDG?

As a dental assistant, I have the opportunity to learn from  different dentists as we have a rotating duty roster in the clinic. This allows us to have maximum exposure to different dental procedures with different dental specialists, especially dental surgical procedures performed at the Operatiing Theatre in the hospital.

Since I assumed the role as a Front Desk staff, my daily interaction with patients has taught me to be patient both in my professional and personal life. I gained satisfaction from being able to provide assistance and assurance to patients with respect to their dental issues.

What is your most memorable moment at SDG?

I had the opportunity to get involved with Specialist Dental Group’s major dental seminar with Channel News Asia even before I was officially working as a SDG staff. This public seminar is organized once every two years and five of our dental specialists gave a presentation that afternoon. They sharedinformation about the latest developments in dentistry with a crowd of over 500.

It was a very fruitful and informative afternoon for me as I learnt a lot about procedures that I had never encountered before. It also prepared me for the high quality standards that my new company had and that motivated me to do my best to contribute the best way I couldwith my colleagues.

What makes your day?

Having lunch with colleagues every day is one of my highlights as this is the only time in our busy day that we have the chance to sit down to talk and share our life experiences with each other. This short one-hour lunch time had also allowed us to understand each other better and bonded us together as colleagues.

During her free time, Nengsi dabbles in photography, watches drama serials and travels to learn more about nature and places of wonder around the world.

The plan ahead

Nengsi will be joining Specialist Dental Group’s new clinic at Gleneagles Medical Centre, #10-07 from July 1, 2013 onwards. She will be the Front Desk Manager at SDG’s 4th clinic. The new Gleneagles clinic will offer restorative treatment including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and other dental solutions.

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