Dentistry used to be one of the less popular professions of choice. This was mainly due to the fact that dentists were feared by most people. Many people have the jitters before their dental appointment or they procrastinate visiting the dentist until absolutely necessary. However, here is some food for thought – without dentists, our mouths would be a mess and our teeth would not be as beautiful and healthy as they could be…

As a result of the increasing appreciation for the important work done by dentists, more students are exploring dentistry as a career option. Currently, at the National University of Singapore, dentistry is one of the most hotly contested programs to get admission to.  

Dentists’ Day falls on March 6, 2013 and the Specialist Dental Group team would like to salute the dentists who are always there to remind us to floss, provide relief for our toothaches and other dental pain,  straighten our crooked teeth with braces during adolescence, assist with gum problems during adulthood or replace our missing teeth when we are older. That’s actually a lot of help at different stages of our lives from our dentists!

If you have been satisfied with the dental work treatment provided by your dentist, you could even send an email, send off a card or just call the clinic to drop them a greeting on this Dentists’ Day, they would definitely be very appreciative of that!

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